Barber Law Group has been earning our reputation as one of the leading family and criminal law firms in Northern Nevada since 1989. We hope our staff's love for our clients and dedication to the legal profession shines through the feedback we have received over the years, and continue to receive on a daily basis.
Love Joel and his team!!
Posted by Kari on July 20, 2022

I cannot say enough good things about Joel and his team. His ability to show compassion for our situation, and still give us a straight answer was exactly what we needed. As foster parents, we are limited on the support we get from the county. Without Joel and his amazing sidekick Katie, we would have never made it through our case. Their knowledge of social services and navigating the ins and outs of the system gave us the confidence that we had the best team for our case. Throughout our case we had many ups and downs and I will forever be grateful that Katie was there for us day or night. She was always able to connect with Joel In A timely manner and redirect our case as needed. Being a foster parent in a difficult job, especially when you are fighting for a child with no voice. Joel and Katie fought for our little one, and I will forever be thankful for the role they played on our story.

Barber Law Group
Posted by David on May 31, 2022

Joel is by far the best attorney in town. Knowledgeable, fierce, perceptive, straightforward, and honest. He is a man of his word and will be with you through the whole process. Joel is willing to listen and fights for what is best for you and your family. If you are ever in a situation where you need an attorney, I wouldn't recommend anyone else. Joel Barber and his team are the best.

Phenomenal Law Office
Posted by Rachel on May 17, 2022

Joel and his team are extremely knowledgeable and upfront. I appreciate their honesty and guidance through difficult times and situations. I would recommend them to anyone needing legal assistance.

Top notch
Posted by anonymous on March 8, 2022

Joel and Sydnie worked hard for me. And they needed to. They helped me recover from mistakes I made and guided me successfully to where I deserved.

Best lawyer ever !!!!
Posted by Zach on January 26, 2022

I wanna say that barber law group went above and beyond for me and they stuck with me thru my hardest time in life helped hold me up and keep me going thru my divorce I highly recommend them they are like family very caring and helped me so much I can’t thank them enough they will be the only law firm I will go to for life

This is the lawyer you NEED!
Posted by Mario on January 19, 2022

There are plenty of lawyers out there, but let me tell you why Joel Barber’s office is who you need to choose. I came in with my custody case not knowing what to expect and Joel and Sydnie took the time to hear my entire situation, answer every single one of my questions, and were upfront and honest about every step of the way from time to cost and everything involved with my case. I can honesty Mr. Barber’s office went above and beyond to WIN my case and I am so glad I found them! Trust me, if you want results, Joel is the man for you. You do not want him against you!

Amazing service!
Posted by anonymous on November 28, 2021

I was struggling with a landlord issue, and thought I could handle it on my own so I struggled for months going back and forth. One quick trip to the office and they had gotten me the money owed to me and gotten rid of a lot of stress. I know this isn't their specialty but they still treated it as seriously as they would with anything else.

Get your life back
Posted by Stephanie on November 10, 2021

Joel met with me immediately when I was in crisis - his staff work as a team to provide the best and aggressive representation. My divorce was horrendous/contentious - they worked with/for me every step of the way, were responsive, and had my back with empathy and no BS. I hope you never need a divorce attorney, but if you do this is the place to go! They literally helped me get my life back!!

Joel and Jessica are a Dynamic duo!
Posted by Charina on August 22, 2021

If you are a person who appreciates someone who just pushes all the BS aside and is comfortable being 100% honest, this is the right law group for you. I can’t even begin to put in words how grateful I am to have had Joel and Jessica as my lawyers for my custody case. If you’re reading this review and are looking for some sort of sign or go signal on weather or not they’re the right people to have on your side as you go into battle, this is the sign! I had a very different situation where I didn’t even live in the state of Nevada and Jessica and Joel always went above and beyond when it came to communication. My custody case was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through ( I did not expect to go through a custody battle and having a pandemic hit) and the whole team at Barber law did not just make me feel like I was just another client they were representing, they made me feel like family. There were many times where I felt like I was loosing hope during the process but I received reassurance whenever I spoke to someone from the team. The first time I sat with Joel he told my fiancé and I that he and his team would make sure I got my son back as long I was willing to do my part to make it happen and that’s exactly what happened. I won my custody case and my son will be back home with me. You can keep searching for other law firms to represent you but you won’t find any like the team at Barber law. Joel, Jessica, Rachel and Sydnie. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart thank you for all the pep talks prior to each hearing and for showing me heart,empathy, honesty,resilience and integrity throughout the whole process. I am forever GRATEFUL!!!

Excellent Attorney
Posted by Jonathan on May 31, 2021

Joel Barber reviewed my case and determined to give me the “benefit of the doubt” and fight for me. This was regarding a false accusation case that needed the right lawyer who had compassion and insight to help me (the client) get through a very sad and challenging allegation. They say they handle cases with dignity and it is true. The team pulled my case together efficiently and compassionately with confidence.

Joel Barber, Esq., and Sydnie Paige Esq., to their credit, spent the quality time needed to understand the nature of the allegation. They clearly and concisely summed up the situation in order to present the facts needed to win my case. Zoom meetings are difficult, especially for a court hearing and yet with Barber Law Group conquered the situation with confidence and expertise. Joel got to the meat of the issue professionally and aggressively to accomplish the right result. They were the right lawyers for this case.

I will continue to use Barber Law Group in the future.

Joel and Katie hit a homerun!
Posted by Deb M on May 17, 2021

Hiring Joel and his team to get me through my divorce was the best decision I could have made. From day one Joel was honest and up front with me on the best and worst outcomes that I could hope for. I appreciated their honesty throughout the proceedings both with me and the approach on my case. COVID shut down the courts and so we had to wait. My ex and I were able to create our own agreement. Katie took the lead and helped us rework the agreement and finalize it for the courts. Katie was so patient working with us to answer questions and help us come to a final agreement. While signing the papers together in their office, Joel came over to applaud us both for coming to an agreement together without the need for court and additional cost to both of us. I have no doubt that if we would have gone to court Joel would have fought to the end to make sure that I came out on the right end. At every turn Joel and Katie were there to make sure I was protected, and I could not thank them more. I would hire them again without hesitation.

Excellent Lawyer and Staff
Posted by Bart on January 28, 2021

Divorce is such a stressful time in anyone's life and The Barber Law Group, Joel and Katie were instrumental in keeping my stress to a minimum. I can't begin to quantify the ways in which their legal prowess with my divorce and being my advocate made my life easier and manageable. In the many years as a Peace Officer and experiences I would highly recommend Joel and his team to represent you. There is no better group in their profession and they have become family to me. B. Chambers

A true master of his craft
Posted by Gerad on November 13, 2020

Joel's professionalism in the court room is exactly what I needed in my corner. Mr. Barber spent hours studying every detail involved with my case and is extremely well versed in speaking to you at a level you can understand. I would highly recommend everyone letting Joel go to bat for there law needs. He knocked my case out of the park!

Joel Barber & Associates
Posted by Heather A on April 23, 2020

It seemed as though I was at my lowest, felt like I had no hope left. I had already been through two lawyers and all they seemed to do was make my case more difficult. But then I went to see Joel and his staff, they were all so helpful. Joel showed me that I could overcome what has been the hardest time in my life. He helped my case more than I could have ever thought possible! He was able to help me with not only my case but also reminding me that I am tougher than I ever thought possible. He was professional, knowledgeable, he knew exactly how to help, and was able to get it done efficiently and effectively. Katie, who was brought in to help throughout the case, was very thorough and focused on what was best for my daughter and I. She also replied quickly with any updates or if I had any questions. If you need a lawyer they are most definitely the place to go! Thank you all so very much, I don't think there are enough words to show my appreciation. I highly recommend Joel Barber & Associates!

Excellent attorney
Posted by Kimberlee on March 10, 2020

Joel is the second attorney I used in my divorce/child custody case. He cleaned up the mess that the first attorney created. Joel is very passionate about what he does. He has a very good reputation with fellow attorneys and judges in the area. If you are looking to hire an attorney that will get you the results you want, you should definitely consider Joel.

Kept me out of contempt of court
Posted by Troy on February 13, 2020

My ex brought me to court on a contempt of court charge. Joel not only took the time to listen to my situation and story, but immediately found the course of action to keep me out of jail and not be charged contempt fines. Joel is a straight shooter and calls it the way it is, definitely knows family law and will be quick to tell you what will work and what won't. His staff which includes Jessica kept me well informed about my situation. If you have any questions at all, I highly recommend just getting a consultation and forming your own opinion.

Posted by Jason on February 25, 2019

Joel was recommended to me from a close friend after a "men's rights" attorney completely failed me and quit midway through the divorce. After interviewing several well known attorneys in town I interviewed Joel and immediately knew he was the attorney for me. He took on my failing case and completely turned it around. He isn't scared to stand up to anyone or against anything he believes you are entitled to. He is also the only attorney I have ever met that I can confidently call a bare knuckle boxer in the court room. Most attorneys want to settle, Joel will fight for you tooth and nail.

Kids First
Posted by Sam on November 12, 2018

Joel and his staff and very knowledgeable and experienced in TPO's, divorce, and custody. My case involved all three. This office is not only professional, they are also compassionate, determined, empathetic. They put the care of my children at the forefront. As my family is in another state they were my support system. Having the Barber Law Office allowed me to focus on my kids. Not only did they answer all my questions and concerns when I called but they also walked me through the personal growth.

Joel's compassion and knowledge is a force to be reckoned with in the court room. He represented me with tact and professionalism during every court meeting and was able to provide me with all options for my case.

The ONLY attorney you need!!!
Posted by Tammy on May 3, 2017

Joel Barber and his team are an outstanding group of professionals you definitely want on your side when it comes to divorce and custody disputes! Joel has represented me twice now and I have been completely satisfied with the outcome of both cases. Joel is a family man and he treats his clients like family as well. He is caring, compassionate, dedicated, and extremely knowledgeable. Joel does not make promises he can't keep. He is REAL and very straight forward backing all of his statements with case facts. Joel captivates his audience both in and out of the courtroom. He not only comes from a family of attorneys, but he somehow knows everyone in the business which adds to his many strengths. Joel's confidence, knowledge, and presence during the proceedings proved to be instrumental in my favor. What initially felt like my worst nightmare stepping foot into the courtroom quickly diminished, Joel carried the burden of all my stress walking step by step with me throughout the entire day (several hours!); this was like a walk in the park for Joel, high energy, always a smile, clearly his passion shone through as he put his seasoned skills to work for me. Joel dominates in the courtroom and you do NOT want to be on the receiving end! Although there are always costs invested to retain a great attorney such as Joel, I felt that my needs were met and his firm was invested in me and my family from start to finish! Joel is hands down the best attorney, and the ONLY attorney you will ever need!

Joel Barber is outstanding
Posted by zora on February 15, 2017

Joel Barber is remarkable. He prides himself in getting the results your seeking. Mr. Barber is exceptional in his field. He's a very well respected professional attorney and I assure you he's earned it. We will forever be grateful to him.

Posted by Homer on January 29, 2017

Joel and his team are amazing in every possible way! I met Joel back in 2008 when I hired him for a huge high profile case that he ROCKED it on! He is the best! He is very intelligent & Will calm you and your nerves in his office & in the courtroom while standing up against the NEVADA ATTORNEY GENERAL & still coming out ON TOP! Joel can handle & represent you in anything you bring his way....& he will be Honest & tell you exactly what's in store. He is by far the best attorney in Nevada!! My family & I love him and would trust him and his team with all our worries & concerns. Elizabeth is amazing & Rachel is awesome, as Both make you understand that they will take care of you....& THEY DO!! Joel Barber and his team are the BEST!!

Barber Law Group, Inc
Posted by Serena on September 21, 2016

I don’t even know where to begin with Joel and his team. You never really think about your future crumbling until it has gotten so bad that you really do not know what to do… Over a year ago I was introduced to these amazing people at a really tuff time in my life. I was so scared, I felt so alone in my battle, in a fight I thought I would never get out of. They are the reason today that I have peace and hope. When your roads get tuff in life and feel you have nowhere to go, you do, Barber Law Group, Inc. This is the team for you that will not only fight for you… They will give you an outcome you never thought you would have. It was NOT easy for me and no matter how hard it got this group was always there right by my side, a phone call away, helpful, guided me, taught me see things though and not to feel stupid or scared or confused and helpless. What I have learned from this experience is to have hope, faith and trust in someone and that someone for me will always be Joel, Elizabeth, Rachael and Adrianna at Barber Law Group. There are really no words to really express what they have done for me. I know now that there is truly great help out there, for me, it is this group, always.

Do you know how good it feels to have a great team be your back bone? When I was at my weakest Joel and his wonderful team helped me to become slowly stronger moment by moment, that there is a gift. Not easily given with the road that I have been on and still on.

I thank every one of you from the bottom to the top of my heart for everything you have done, are doing and will do. All the way to the end…

Exceptional Lawyer!
Posted by anonymous on July 18, 2016

How do I even begin to describe Joel Barber & Associates? Two words. "Beyond Amazing". Joel Barber gets the job you need done. He is professional, efficient, tough, and very knowledgeable. And I can't forget to mention his wonderful staff. I would absolutely recommend Joel Barber & Associates to any and everyone. You will not be disappointed

Just the best has saved our business over a dozen times
Posted by Eric on October 10, 2014

Best service we have ever received. Joel is always on top of everything and is one amazing lawyer. Not only does he take care of us but we feel like we are apart of the family. I cannot say enough about Joel and would certainly have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him both to the professional community and personally as well.

Best lawyer and firm in the business
Posted by Danny on October 7, 2014

Joel Barber has represented me in numerous cases including divorce, custody, and an automobile accident. He has helped me through the toughest times in my life, and I honestly do not know where I would be today if it wasn't for his help. He is honest, hard working, brilliant, and very entertaining. I have recommended Joel and his practice to many friends and family. They all have had amazing results and have been extremely satisfied. The staff at Barber law Elizabeth, Rachael, and Nicole are also the best in the business. Thank you Joel for fighting for me and my family. We are eternally grateful.

Excellent Law Firm
Post by Manny on June 20, 2014

About a year ago my wife and I separated we were headed down the path of divorce. I knew I was going to need a lawyer so I asked around my work a co worker of mine recommended the law office of Joel Barber. I made a appt with Joel to have a consultation, I met with Joel and from the get go I knew he was going to be the man for the job. What I liked most about Joel was from day one there was no bullshit with this man or his team they always had my best interest in hand and called me out when needed. Again I had no idea what to expect from this but Joel and his team help me through the entire process they made sure to answer any questions I had and explained things to me in a manner that I could understand. This was definitely a sad and dark chapter in my life but it was nice knowing that Joel and his team had my back I can say with the up most confidence if I ever need legal representation again I will use the law office of Joel Barber

Excellent Service
Posted by Mark on May 29, 2014

I have used Joel's services for more than 20 plus years, with the outcome in my favor every time. The reason I went to Joel in the first place, I was dealing with local attorneys that would not go against other local Attorneys, which gave me a sad sense for the industry as well as our legal system. Joel took my case and did such a great job that it not only restored my self-esteem, it also put me on an even playing field for future confrontations with the individual in question. When I do need Joel's services and go to see him, he is like a walking encyclopedia, remembering things from the past that have long ago slipped my mind. Joel has a never say die attitude and treats everything he has ever done for me like it’s a challenge that he must win! Never once have I felt like my case was too minor for him or his team, big or small I am treated the same.

If you need aggressive advocacy that’s tailored to your precise needs, we are ready, willing, and able to take your case. If that means occasionally playing hardball on your behalf, that is exactly what we’re prepared do. Some less charitable firms might even say that’s what we’re known for. And as our opponents well know ...

"You don’t want Barber Law Group against you!"

Your case is a serious matter, and you deserve the brightest, most experienced minds available, steering you through the complicated structure which is Nevada Law. When so much is riding on the line, Barber Law Group will protect you, your rights, and your assets.
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