Experienced and Aggressive Criminal Advocacy

Barber Law Group specializes in misdemeanor; gross-misdemeanor; and minor felony representation, with particular specialization in DUI and domestic battery. Our attorneys have a strong reputation for reasonable; competent; and steadfast representation of our clients. We take particular pride in our ability to negotiate our client's cases, and to use those negotiation skills to the advantage of our clients. At Barber Law Group, we use every tactic and skill available to us to minimize any possible negative outcome of your criminal charges. This includes negotiation; motions and pleadings; knowledge of law and legal precedents; evidence review and production; subpoenas; and trial and litigation skills.

At Barber Law Group, we believe the most advantageous attorney-client relationships in criminal representation begin with honest, straightforward, communication. Our staff combines our legal skill and knowledge with solid client relationships to minimize all potential damages in any type of case. We welcome the opportunity to create the type of relationship that allows us to use our skills and knowledge to your particular advantage.

We also recognize that divorce cases; custody cases; and criminal cases often intersect and overlap. Our staff is well-versed in managing and litigating the criminal issues and cases that may be involved in your divorce or custody litigation. We often represent clients in multiple, simultaneous, cases. In fact, we welcome the opportunity to represent you in overlapping cases as it provides our staff the most knowledgeable position from which to litigate. The most common overlapping cases are family law cases involving divorce and custody with criminal cases involving domestic battery; TPOs; stalking; and child abuse and neglect. As a primarily family and criminal law firm, we are particularly qualified to represent clients with intersecting cases in our two specialized practice areas.

Barber Law Group offers legal support for your criminal case, including:
  • Misdemeanor Criminal Charges
  • Gross-Misdemeanor Criminal Charges
  • Minor felony charges
  • DUI
  • domestic battery
  • Criminal case negotiations
  • Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Stalking & Harassment
  • Temporary Restraining Orders
  • Extended Restraining Orders
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If you need aggressive advocacy that’s tailored to your precise needs, we are ready, willing, and able to take your case. If that means occasionally playing hardball on your behalf, that is exactly what we’re prepared do. Some less charitable firms might even say that’s what we’re known for. And as our opponents well know ...

"You don’t want Barber Law Group against you!"

Your case is a serious matter, and you deserve the brightest, most experienced minds available, steering you through the complicated structure which is Nevada Law. When so much is riding on the line, Barber Law Group will protect you, your rights, and your assets.
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