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With any matter surrounding your Estate, Will or Trust, it is crucial that you have sound legal advice from an attorney who has extensive experience in Nevada State Law. An individual’s estate can be in question or contested by their heirs, or litigations can arise.   Barber Law Group is prepared to assist you with expert representation and consummate legal savvy, both wording & crafting your legal documents or determining the validity of documents in question.

Barber Law Group provides the highest quality legal counsel on all probate, estate, will and trust matters. They will help you iron out Guardianships, Probate & Trust Administration, Business & Real Property Litigation, Real Estate issues and a host of other critically important points, when you decide the time has come to get it all down in legalese.

Trust & Probate Administration Services

In large estates, the trusts created to administer the assets can be complex. Should they come into dispute, the guidance of a skilled attorney becomes invaluable. We will address your case individually, with a careful focus on your wishes. The experience and focus of your attorney are a critical factor in the successful conclusion of your case. Having access to the legal team of Barber Law Group, can make all the difference in the world.

Barber Law Group has vast experience in all Probate & Trust matters. Whether you’re dealing with hearings, simple or complex trusts, probate issues, administration of trusts or any other matter of concern, involving the dispute of a will or trust, or even if you’re just need an experienced administrator for your estate, Barber Law Group will ensure that YOUR rights are protected and defended.

Emotions should not rule.

Disputes over an estate are often emotionally charged. In families with disagreements, or when an individual has not upheld their fiduciary responsibilities, cooler heads must prevail. Violations which may have taken place in the management of an estate can take many forms. Sometimes those can be navigated through with minimal damage, if you have the right advice. However, should a lawsuit become necessary, we are your best option.

As legal administrators, we are mindful of even the smallest detail of your Probate & Trust. We provide you with personalized service and attention, because each case is unique. We carefully and artfully administer your estate, overseeing the assignment of the proper assets to the correct beneficiaries, in direct accordance to your wishes.

Contact a Reno Probate Attorney Today

Probate, Trust and Estate litigation can go from simple to complex almost without warning. To ensure that your case proceeds as smoothly as humanly possible, it is always wise to consult a Nevada trust lawyer from our Reno office, at every step. Even a seemingly minor detail, easily overlooked by less experienced eyes, may cause catastrophic complications. Complications which can haunt you and your entire family, for years.

Time and again, we see cases where some minor matter was handled poorly. People with the best of intentions have lost untold amounts of cash or other assets. Had these individuals just approached an attorney before addressing the issues, their outcomes could have been vastly different.

Barber Law Group has spent decades working in the fields of Probate & Trust. Your Estate planning attorney will walk with you, serving your needs through every legal matter. Protecting your rights and ensuring that the case runs smoothly. Whether you are just gathering information for an upcoming estate matter, or you’re in need of immediate help, we are here for you.

To learn more about how we can help protect your estate under any legal process, please call 775-323-6464 or /contact us today, and schedule your initial consultation.

When you need professional, knowledgeable, skilled assistance in any matters related to trusts, Probate & Trust and administration of Trusts, Barber Law Group is the most trusted team in Nevada.


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    I just wanted to write you a letter thanking you for what you did for my mom and me concerning her grand-parental rights case. These cases are usually very hard to win. We were very impressed with your professionalism and the way you handled our case.

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