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Juvenile Crimes Defense Lawyer

If your minor child has been charged with juvenile crimes, whether a misdemeanor or felony, you need an experienced local Reno attorney on your side. You want a lawyer who has both Juvenile Court and Juvenile Crimes experience. The attorneys at Barber Law Group have built an impressive record of supporting & defending juvenile offenders, over the course many years.

Most Nevada or Washoe County criminal defense attorneys rarely practice in juvenile court. They tend to concentrate their practice on the more lucrative and hi-profile adult cases. Because of this, Adult Criminal defense lawyers may lack the experience & knowledge necessary to effectively represent children in the juvenile court system. Many (if not most) of the rules and procedures in Nevada’s Juvenile Court system are very different from their Adult Court equivalent. For instance, in Juvenile Court, there is no Right to a Jury Trial and no Right to Bail. You really don’t want to hire a defense attorney who is inexperienced in juvenile procedures. Your child’s freedom and future may be at stake.

Can Your Minor Child be Charged as an Adult for their Crime?

When we’re young, we don’t always use the best judgment. Lack of experience or foresight, or even denial of the potential consequences, can lead your child into far more trouble than they bargained for. Any crime committed by a person under the age of 18 is considered a Juvenile Crime. However, if the crime is severe enough, a juvenile may very well be tried as an adult. Should that happen, they will also face Adult Criminal sentencing. Adult sentencing means a child can be transferred into an Adult Correctional Facility to serve out the balance of their time.

Do not allow juvenile crimes to ruin the rest of what should be your child’s productive, happy life. The Nevada Juvenile Crimes attorney with Barber Law Group has helped hundreds of young people and their families in Reno and throughout Washoe County as well. Our reputation for vigorously defending your minor child’s rights means you can rest assured we will fight for their best interests and rights, in any criminal defense case.

About Juvenile Crimes in Reno, Sparks and Northern Nevada

In Washoe County, Carson County and all of Northern Nevada, Juvenile Crime cases most often fall into one of two major categories – Status Offenses & Delinquency Crimes. Juvenile Crimes are not something you or your minor child can or should take lightly. A guilty sentence can easily affect the rest of your minor child’s life.

In what are called “status offenses,” a minor child is doing something he or she has not yet attained the necessary status (legal age) to do: Consuming alcoholic beverages, using tobacco, gambling in a casino or driving prior to being issued a license. Things of that nature. The juvenile in question has simply not yet achieved the legal status necessary to the activity, either by age or demonstration of competence.

“Delinquency crimes” are offenses which are not based on an individual’s minor status, but are such crimes that may be dealt with differently, based on the offender’s age. In serious delinquency crimes such as assault, battery, crimes involving theft (robbery or auto theft for example), sex crimes, drug crimes, DUI and other crimes of a very severe nature, a juvenile can be tried as an adult. If the crime is considered severe enough, the court might even sentence a juvenile to Life in Prison.

Be prepared…because a lot is at stake.

Consult with a skilled, experienced, accomplished Reno / Washoe County / Nevada Juvenile Crimes lawyer. You should contact our firm right away so we can discuss all your options and best determine what we can do for your loved one’s criminal case.

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